What is the VIP plan

How much it cost?

How i can start?

What is the VIP plan

Simply It is a dedicated developer
working only for you. 

The VIP plan with Canada Webmaster that includes all the services we provide, the user will get the following:

  • Custom Website or online store developments
  • Dara and products migration (Unlimited)
  • Website maintenance
  • Content or product update
  • SEO setup and edit
  • SEO technical fix
  • Website performance
  • Graphics design
  • Printing services
  • Video editing
  • Online locations management
  • Campaigns and PPC management
  • Google platform integration
  • CRM system
  • Access for more than 5000 WordPress plugins with Canada Webmaster GPL membership
  • Access for large photos and icons library with license
  • Amazon super Virtual private server for website and application hosting
  • Business email services with G-suite or Microsoft365.

How much the VIP Plan cost?

We like to take our time doing the work; we consider the quality first, we check our clients’ websites almost every day for updates and maintenance. Also, the time frame is challenging when you have limited employees completing the tasks, so our pricing carefully decided to provide Quality, Security, Stability, Search Engine Friendly and fast work.

That is why we don’t negotiate our price.


Per month


Per month


Per month

How to start?

Book a Free Consultant that will explain the benefit of the VIP plan and help you start